The Story Of Media Vend

What is Media Vend?

Quite simply, Media Vend is a revolution in on screen interactive advertising.

Giving your drink or snack brand the competitive advantage, Media Vend adverts prompt sales and influence brand choices at point of purchase: the vending machine.

Capturing your customers’ attention when they are already at a vending machine – in the right frame of mind to treat themselves – delivers a very real uplift in sales. Part of Broderick’s vending machines across the UK, Media Vend screens advertise at points of high dwell time: airports, major employers’ offices, universities and even libraries.

In airports alone, our vending machines reach an audience of over 80 million passengers. The at-work sector, a previously untapped high growth market, translates into sales of over 25 million cups of tea and coffee a year for Broderick’s. Find out what it could mean for your brand.

See it. Touch it. Taste it

It’s that simple. Media Vend is all about intelligent, interactive on screen marketing. Advertising that directly leads to sales and real vending data.

Media Vend: one to watch

With 45% of nationwide vending sales from Walker’s Crisps Bring it Back promotion generated by Broderick’s vending machines during a Media Vend campaign, these intelligent advertising screens are causing a stir in the world of touch screen vending.

Brand managers and marketing agencies are calling on Media Vend to launch their FMCG products and boost sales with promotions on established products. And with full data transparency, they’re using Media Vend results to build a very clear picture to shape their strategy.

A whirlwind history of Media Vend touch screen advertising

What began in 2011 as an added value experiment with interactive screens is now a major out of home advertising success story that’s changing the way brand managers market their FMCG products.

Broderick’s touchscreen technology was, and still is, a market leading concept. Customers could see their drink and snack choices brought to life:  simply touching the screen to make a selection.

Boosted sales and positive customer feedback sparked an idea for Broderick’s innovation team.  Why not introduce interactive adverts to the screens to promote the brands stocked in the vending machines?  Enter Media Vend, which, four years on, continues to break boundaries.

Years of technological advances have made it possible for brands to advertise and secure share of spend at point of purchase, where consumers are receptive and directly influenced. Whilst billboards raise brand awareness, they often advertise miles from a shop.  Media Vend steps in to complete the marketing journey and close the sale.

A flexible, targeted approach:  Media Vend integrates seamlessly into wider marketing campaigns for maximum impact.

Imagine the scenario.  A well known chocolate brand hits the airwaves at ‘snack o’ clock’ with a message calling to the work weary. Ordinarily this would simply raise brand awareness. Paired with a point of purchase Media Vend intelligent screen advert, however, and the real marketing magic happens.   Because, thanks to state of the art management tools, Media Vend can geo-target and schedule down to the minute, to link in perfectly with radio shout outs, for example.

What’s more, on screen advertising can boost social media engagement with clever on screen mechanics like ‘win a cup of coffee’ competitions for photos posted on social media platforms.

The list of applications goes on….Workplaces are reaping the benefit of using vending screen technology as a local platform to replace intranet: keeping in touch with the team when they’re at their most receptive.  Snack time!