Run a Campaign

Boost your drink and snack vending sales

  •  Advertising at point of purchase results in increased sales. Your product is stocked in the machine, people are influenced when they’re in buying mode. They’re receptive and ready to purchase.
  • Bring your brand to life with animated content: 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI (invodo)
  • Make an impact: see your advert on a wall of screens.
  • Intuitive, meaningful reporting: real streamware data from the machine – tells you what has sold when and offers insights into your customers’ buying habits.
  • Real time, responsive and relevant: Send content updates to the screen within minutes. Adapt your campaign to develop the campaign that’s working hardest for your brand.
  • Make your marketing campaigns work harder: Media Vend can link in with social media campaigns, on pack promotions, NPD launch, with Radio and TV campaigns. Meal deals, multi purchase deals and price promotions.
  • Easy installation: all you need is a power supply and your data chip. Just plug and play: no IT expertise required. Our Media Vend experts will work with you to develop the on screen interactive advertising campaign that will work for your business. With 330: 7, 19, 21 and 42 inch screens on vending machines nationwide, we can create a hard working, bespoke campaign.
    Data retrieval from loaded and sold information from our bespoke data collection tools will give you real vending data for the first time. Launch your product on screen with Media Vend: Get in touch – 0844 335 3000 or via email –