Audiences and Data


With 330 Media Vend machines installed across the UK, selling over 25 million cups of tea and coffee a year, your interactive adverts could be viewed up to 47,000 times a day to an audience of millions.

From airports to universities campus, Blue Chip FT Index companies to small SME businesses, just an example of the outlets that are in reach of your brand campaign having selected Media Vend touch screen digital advertising.

Your campaign will be in good company. Major brands already utilising the MediaVend experience have seen un prescidented success in their investment on an awareness and sales level not witnessed in the vending channel before.

Sales that speak for volumes

Media Vend advertisers have typically seen a tangible uplift in sales during their advertising campaigns, of:

Chocolate bar brands     ^ 28%
Good for you range        ^ 15%
Seasonal promotions     ^ 50%
Carbonated soft drinks  ^ 26%
Crisps                                ^ 34%
An insight into your brand’s performance

Intelligent marketing shows tangible results.

Media Vend interactive on-screen advertising is entirely trackable and transparent. The numbers unfailingly reveal incremental sales.

Smart management tools like Streamware and Vendman are incorporated to the overall package which demonstrates when products are loaded and time they are sold giving the only reliable vending data in and out.

Brands can track their products’ performance during campaigns for a clear picture of the marketing at work.

Brands can:

  • Gain market insights the first real vending data of its kind.
  • Refine campaigns by tracking data to advertise at the peak optimum time of day for their product.
  • Capture data on screen by running promotions specifically, or on pack that are interactive on screen and soon via social media.
  • Run loyalty and rewards schemes.
  • Full data capture.

LEVI ROOTS “ We chose Brodericks because of their innovation and motivation to deliver the product across the country in high profile sites and crucially the business and industry sector, Broderick’s commitment to innovation made them an ideal partner who’s machines will accept a host of payment methods alongside traditional methods! Their enthusiasm to deliver the concept is always reassuring. The Brand investment on screen has been well worth while.”

Watch the whole Levi Roots Interview ROOTS ON THE ROOF.

DAVE HAMLET, brand manager at Monster Energy Drinks, said: ‘’Media Vend is a really important vehicle for us. The idea of the X Games competition is to build an affinity with the consumer to encourage brand loyalty, as well as to drive sales. By communicating these all important messages actually on the vending machine, where there’s high dwell time and people can actually make a decision that leads directly to purchase, is invaluable.’’


‘Bring it Back has been a huge success for our business’, said Ayman Nasreldin, Walkers’ Out of Home Director’, and our partnership with Broderick’s in executing ‘Bring it Back’ demonstrates quite clearly what can be achieved when concerted, on-screen marketing activity is put to work in tandem with a national campaign.

‘The net result was that Broderick’s alone accounted for over 45% of all ‘Bring It Back’ sales through UK vending machines’, said Stephen Hendry, Walkers’ OOH National Account Manager. ‘Broderick’s understands the benefits of supporting major multi-media consumer marketing campaigns and how to capitalize on the investment that’s put into the brand.’