Better for you

Better for you - 9Bar

Better for you range

 With the launch of our Better for You range, Broderick’s has changed the way consumers see vending. It’s not just about a quick sugar fix to tide people over. It’s become a conscious choice, with a delicious range of beverages and snacks that include healthier options.

Healthy eating is set to hold the headlines over the long term and, as a vending operator and coffee bar business, we firmly believe it’s our responsibility to make sure we’re offering a sensible mix of products that help consumers make healthier lifestyle choices., a healthier snack brand we’re talking to at the moment, ran a consumer survey, which gave overwhelming feedback that the biggest barrier to consumption of healthy snacks, outside price, is taste. That’s why the Broderick’s family personally taste tests each and every new product that makes it into our Better for You range. Well, someone has to do it!


Here are just a couple of the delicious and nutritious brands that have made it into our Better for You range of drinks and snacks:

9 bar

Just this month we introduced 9bar, a new product from a well established health bar producer.   We love the fit of this brand – as they share our ethos of be good, do good, and they’re a delicious source of naturally healthy energy too. Every handmade bar is crammed with nutritious sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and hemp seeds, making them an energy-boosting addition to a balanced diet. Oh, and they’re high in fibre and protein to keep people fuller for longer, without resorting to empty calories…and they’re gluten free too! We’d heartily recommend the new Chia berry flavour, coming to a vending machine near you.


Oh My Goodness

A taste sensation in bar and bite form! Oh My Goodness snacks contain all natural ingredients like flaked oats, English spelt, honey, and real pieces of vine fruits and berries. With flavours like ‘Fruit Explosion’, ‘Berry Blast’ and ‘Tropical Granola’ to choose from – all approved by the Vegetarian Society – they are the ideal low-saturated-fat snack on the move.